Map "Castle of Horrors: The Awful Tortures"

Castle of Horrors: The Awful Tortures
Single Player
Joao Goncalves aka 'Johnnie Blaster'
A huge and disgusting path down to the chamber of horrors. See also the cemetery of the zombies and their ceremonial death party.
4.0 (2 ratings)
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Krypto on 2013-12-14 comment
Phenomenal map, achieves the disgusting and grotesque appeal stated in the readme, shows off a great amount of detail and environmental features, very brutal as well, Cultists always come in groups of 4/5 and are literally right around the corner so you always have to take it slow and easy. Good transition between areas as well, from the grizzly Dungeons to outdoor gardens followed by another dexterous voyage into torture areas.

I especially loved the key use of Caleb one liners throughout, it makes it much more evocative and immersive over all. Can't really fault this one, except for perhaps the ending being anti-climatic because it's just backtracking to a previous area.

Get's 4 stars

Joker on 2008-06-20 comment
The map is fun playing, enemies are placed very well. The massive Troops of zombies makes it a paradise for TNT and exploding spray cans

Bruce on 2008-06-14 comment
Played it on extra crispy... ammo is pretty sparse then.
Some slight scaling flaws.
Couldn't pickup the stacked flairammo-boxes in Shial's room.
Good ideas, good design, fun to play.


wangho on 2008-06-02 comment
after loading the .bat, you'll have 4 options. Just hit '4' and then type 'Blood' at the C:\ prompt to play chorror.

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