File "Spill Some: The Blood Tool v1.0"

Spill Some: The Blood Tool v1.0
Spill Some: The Blood Tool is a launcher and demo utility for Blood/Cryptic Passage written to run under DOS/Dosbox.

As every good Cultist knows, the default Blood demos have to be renamed(or deleted) in order to enable the playback of user recorded demo files. This is unintuitive and aggravating. Even worse, Blood loses the ability to play the introduction demo once user recorded demos are enabled. I got mad at this half-baked demo support, so I created Spill Some to fix it. And do a few other things, too.

Spill Some will enable the playback of user recorded demo files by automatically renaming the default demos so you don't have to. But that's not all!

When used as a launcher for Blood or Cryptic Passage, you can specify an introduction demo to play every time Blood/Cryptic Passage launches. No more boring static screen. With Spill Some you can enable user recorded demo playback WITHOUT disabling the intro demo, the way it should be! And you can set the intro demo to any demo you want, easily.

You can even specify an introduction demo for Cryptic Passage, something that was impossible to do until now! A Cryptic Passage demo file is included for this purpose. If you want to use it: spill.exe -setintro cp01.dem -c OR cryptic.exe -setintro cp01.dem if Spill Some is standing in for cryptic.exe. More on that later.

Every Blood commandline argument passed to Spill Some will be passed on to blood.exe, so it can also be used as a way to enable the usage of commandline arguments with Cryptic Passage; something that was missing from the original cryptic.exe

Spill Some can take the place of blood.exe and cryptic.exe using the -mime argument(-unmime to undo it). By standing in for the original executables, Spill becomes easier to use(it can be run by entering blood.exe or cryptic.exe instead of spill.exe for Blood or spill.exe -c for Cryptic Passage) AND it becomes compatible with all Blood mods.

As an extra bonus, Spill Some also enables the playback of CD music rips under Dosbox.

Run spill.exe with the argument -help for all the commands and more info
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Guy Fawkes on 2017-05-18 comment
Turns out the version of BME's map pack I was using was a repackaged version by another user from ModDB. It included a special launcher which wasn't compatible with this tool. I've found a workaround though.
Open the included BME.bat in a text editor and scroll to the following line
COPY C:\blood.exe M:\

Add the following just below it
IF EXIST C:\blud.exe COPY C:\blud.exe M:\blood.exe

on 2017-05-14 comment
The Blood Demo Browser 1.0 made by BME works great for user demo playback. It shows the epi and map name, skill and time for each demo.

Guy Fawkes on 2017-04-29 comment
Also this thing breaks BME's Blood Map Pack when set to replace blood.exe. I think it's because it makes a copy of it into it's M drive, however copying "blue.exe" in as well doesn't fix it.

Guy Fawkes on 2017-04-24 comment
Is this compatible with BMouse (mouse axis patch for build games)?

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